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Welcome to the land of Matchstick Miracles

        Do you know what you can create with help of matches (except the fire of course) if you are diligent, if you have imagination, and magical hands or at least fingers? Here's the first secret - YOU CAN MAKE ANYTHING YOU WANT OF MATCHSTICKS!!!

        Visit our Window Of Wonders if you don't believe it.

        Do you want to be such a Magician by yourself? If yes then go directly to the "DOWN TO WORK" page.

        Visit our There are kids of your age (from 4 to 65) who will tell you how to bring your incredible project from the world of dreams and fantasies to the usual world we live in. Simply saying, how to make the whole humanity be happy with your projects' beauty! If you don't believe it you just have to ask ordinary boys and girls about the likelihood of it all and especially about the interest takes! Look at the whole "WORLD IN YOUR HAND"

        The first thing that you will need is BELIEF IN YOURSELF!

        There exist several very simple exercises to practice this precious skill.

    Exercise 1: Look at your arms and legs - if you have them that means you exist! This fact can be a proof not only for you but also for the most doubting, dreary and meticulous adult!

        Exercise 2: Take a box of matches in your right hand and the tube of glue in your left hand. Bingo! Everything is going to be alright in case you are able to lift them!

    Exercise 3: Sit down. Relax. Disconnect your Internet finally! Relax again. And now listen very attentively to the beat of your heart. If you feel it (the feeling should be something between kindness, calm, and inspiration) that means you have a great talent for everything beautiful!   Do this exercise every time you need to get an advice - and the answer will come by itself.



     You can make them following our recipe. Take 12-13 pieces of your mother's golden chains, rings or any of the gold bars your father keeps in the bank. All the ingredients should be heat up in a shallow, preliminary greased with olive oil, vessel for 4-6 days with continuous stirring. Then take the received product and gold-plate your arms.
    There is also one more way - it's time taking but more reliable! You have to make a castle with your own hands, or a house, or even some toy as the gift for your friends or the lady (gentleman) of your heart: then everybody will agree that your hands became really MAGIC.

     - MATCHES!
Matchsticks can be from Russia, Germany, Lapland or Africa. This is of no importance! The main thing is to have a lot of them and they should have even sides. Your personal experience will prompt you the required quantity. Small houses, ships or baskets can be build of matchsticks that you find at your mother's kitchen shelf. But the huge castles will take several months (or even years) of work, and in about two weeks you will be tired of counting matchstick.
     But for a start take at least 1 or 2 matchsticks.

     - GLUE!
     Glue! This is such a substance that can both paste the beautiful cathedral and spoil your table. That's why you have to be careful with it. Do not spill it over the table but try to pour it into some plastic bottle cap or into a box from matches first.
     What kind of glue exactly do you need? Kids of the whole world choose PVA! (silicate glue doesn't fit as it's going to crumble when getting dry, "Super Glue" and equivalents don't smell well and get dark when dry - better avoid using them). That means that PVA is the most tried and tested glue that is used for construction mixture of all our castles. It should be neither very old nor very fluid. As time goes by you will understand the proper condition of it.

     - PATIENCE!
     One more binding material for the matchstick house! You should always remind yourself that it's not work what tortures you but you are the one who tortures work! Then you'll certainly override it soon!
     Here there are some ways to fight the laziness:
     Ask the most beloved Parent of yours to help you to get a grasp of all these instructions - they will do it with fewer mistakes. Quite possible that they will want to create something by themselves:
     You can propose your friend to work on the project together - it can be twice more pleasant, than to do it alone, and sometimes even twice as faster:
     Also compliments are a good cure in case you suffer lack of diligence. If you are tired - show your work to some adult: You'll see what's going to happen:
      Do not get upset in case you do not succeed at the first-second-fifteenth time. We also have not succeeded at once! Do not throw your work to the bin, nobody will appreciate it there. Just take counsel with your pillow and remember that in the morning everything will be fine!
      And finally, You can write us a letter and we will certainly help you to cope with all your problems!

     - IDEA!
     I hope that you already have some idea in your mind, in case you started to read this page seriously.
     For the moment look for it inside of yourself. Wasn't it your idea giving you signs all this time? Have you found it?! Don't get disappointed if you haven't found it yet. The good idea can look for its host without result for several days or even weeks. Give it some time!
     But for the moment we can practice our skills in working with matchsticks - in order to have something to meet the idea with.
      For the start we can try with something very simple - a house for example.
      Houses differ from each other.

We can make
KHAN PALACE - Pavel Medgidov
Pavel Medgidov, 7
KITARUS - Yulya Kalashnikova KITARUS
  Yulya Kalashnikova, 11-16

FORTRESS - Pavel and Ruslan Medgidov

Pavel and Ruslan Medgidov,
7 and 10

             TOY BOAT - Zhenya Mashura
AIRPLANE - Zhenya Mashura

  AIRPLANE        Zhenya Mashura, 12                          
TOY BOAT           


     SO... LET'S GO!



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