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About You…

        At the wedding day the bride, according to the tradition, locked herself in the new house. The night came and the fiance knocked at the door. "Who's that?" - asked the bride. "That's me" - he answered. But the bride didn't open the door. For many days she didn't want to open the door. But one evening he came again and knocked the door. "Who's that?" - she asked. "That's you" - he answered. She opened the door to him together with her heart.

    Some very long time ago we knew each other very well. We didn't need smart words to understand each other, but we needed only sparkling glances and smiles; we could recognize ourselves in somebody's laugh, and general Joy helped us to eliminate any misunderstandings. Do you remember that time? That was in your Childhood! If you make some efforts you can recognize that blue-eyed boy, who always had his panties dirty of sand. He had a small bucket in his hand and was always calling you to go outside. That was me… But we all grew up, and we have other chores now. But that little kid, that you were, can still laugh and be glad of rain, coming spring and new toys…
    Do you want to recall that times, or even find out a lot of new things ABOUT YOURSELF? If no than there are a lot of sites as Central Bank, TV programs and "currency exchange rates forecast" just across the street. It's going to be more interesting for you there.
    But if your answer is YES… Than it should be you who must invite yourself to be back to the childhood country for sometime and understand that we need only joyful laugh to make Spring coming. You should also understand that sometimes the whole life can fit in the only happy Moment!

            Now kids will run to you from all the sides. Kinds who are very good friends with Dream and Hope - the most kind friends of all. They are going to show you what they can do with the help of Muses - the lazy old ladies. Well! - that's the huge space with countless numbers of absolutely different, unlike planets and universes!
    To start let's see as they do it in Childhood!
    If the foliage rustle and quiet Forest fairy tales are more pleasant for you - go to the "Bead Sculpture" page (this clumsiness was invented by adults for another naive adults, to make it more comprehensible for them…). Fabulous flowers started to grow there five years ago. Kids and little adults created them. The creators will show and tell you everything by themselves.

You can also visit one city, which you won't be able to find on any map of the country or even in the whole world. It's made of various Palaces, Castles, Fortresses, Cathedrals, Marquees, and Churches, as well as many other buildings and constructions, which you haven't seen before and their style is not revealed yet. The city was given a strange name - "Matchsticks architecture". All the building in this city were created by means of superhuman diligence and desire to create! Boys and girls, and even some adults will be glad to guide you along the agreeable streets of this city. They will tell you how the city is being created. The most exciting thing is that YOU can also influence its development. 

If you are the fan of adventures - you will walk together with "Art Gallery". Many dreams and fantasies of kids from different planets and universes are stored there. That's why do not be too surprised with the things you will see there.

    And finally the thing that no child on Earth can live without. Tales!!! These are not just some "Saga of Captain Hook" or some "Tales of ??? ??? party summit", but the MOST REAL MAGIC AND ALIVE FAIRY TALES, which were created by Children and only Children. All their imagination and dreams about themselves, about you, and about the way this world should be, are on tenterhooks to open your eyes! Adults didn't dare to edit or spoil these Tales, that is why the Life is gushing out of them! "Fairy Tales of New Century" - that's the way they are called. You will see the shape of new century while reading all these Masterpieces. And if you want you can even take part in creating them.
    If all the things you've seen here are petty for your perspicacious and great mind you can go to "Basis of Being" web-site. There you will certainly find a good fellow, who knows almost everything about the life HERE … and even THERE… Excuse me! You don't believe it - check it out!

   You should use "Let's talk?" button any time you have some thoughts as for the things you've seen or read. For instance you decided to send us a letter bragging of your achievements, creations, poems, fairy tales, ideas or thoughts, dreams… or (even such things can happen in the tale) to offer us your help…
    If you need an advice or support… you can always dial "911" or call to "If you're lonesome and blue again…" page. Nobody is going to talk to you some scientific-medical language, as the ones leaving on these page don't want to have anything with it, but they like more some kind fairy tales, help chats and believes in the fact that the heart can only be helped with compassion and sympathy of another heart like that, but not with intelligent words and terms. By the way, Hearty is the name of that page inhabitant.
"Drama Art"!

    Money… unfortunately we are not able to draw them as good as we can draw the portraits of our friends or images of another planets. And they do not visit us by their own will as distinct from Fairy Tales. So if you are an incorrigible romantic than run as fast as possible from the "Auction-On-Line" button, as they are going to speak about money there, but unfortunately not about the creative plans we would spend that money for… But if you are rich and at the same time childish enough to read till this point - go right there! There you will find things to dream about and to be surprised with!

    Have a good trip! And do not hesitate - are you going to waver in the lobby for the rest of your life? You should enter sometime!

Unfortunately, the most quantity of pages don't translate from Russsion for the present. Creators of this site are bringing theirs regrets about it.