I live on these pages.
Don't be surprised if you can't see me - I'm Fairy, so absolutely little kid or a very kind adult, who I know for a very long time already, can see me. I don't know the reason but once upon a time I strove after these pages! There were a lot of childish laugh and joy. These pages were full of magic flowers wonderful animals and their friends - light Speckles. So I decided to settle down here!
I'll take you to the fairy tale, if you don't mind: to the real fairy tale I'm from! There you will see wonderful houses, where trolls and dwarfs live; birds and butterflies, who can fulfill all dreams; strange animals, which visited you in your dreams some long time ago; and tremendous rainbow meadows! Scarlet Floweret and Seven-petal Flower are also from there!
If you are interested just to have a look at it all, immediately go to the Window Of Wonders! Huge number of surprises is waiting for you there. They are ready to se you! Are you ready for them?
Do you want to meet those boys and girls who learned to see the miracles of wonderful meadow long ago? They can even transfer them from the kingdom of dreams and imagination to our world - have a look at "World In Your Hand".

But if you suddenly feel that there's a light in your heart, the light of a Miracle Kingdom and it calls you emphatically then you have to visit Miracle Meadow! I'm afraid it's the only way to get to the Dream world! There's my home as a matter of fact. I'll be very glad to see new guests there and will certainly teach you the things I can do by myself.

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