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                                 Children's Very Public Corporation - is an informal union created with the aim of overcoming lack of spirituality and culture in the society, development and realization of a New system of education, revealing common to all mankind, spiritual and creative potential of every child, every man.


New System of Education

        The main difference of the educational system we offer is awakening and development in a man first of all his spiritual, creative and emotional potential.
        The system appeals to a man's soul, to the development of inner self-knowledge, understanding of the world and all phenomena existing in it rather than to a man's mind, memory and skills of simple remembering the facts (the latter is common in the traditional school education).
        Our system is created and is being realized not as a contradiction to the existing systems of education, but as an essential additionto them.

        The system is aimed at:
        - self-knowledge and understanding of the world 
        - development of individual potential, creative and co-authorship sources in a man
        - all-round development of a man of integrity 
        - ability of self-realization as well as the fulfillment of life goals; priority of unselfishness and non-personal values
        - acceptance and following the values that are common to all mankind
        - real spiritual realization

        During the work of Children's Very Public Corporation we have worked out the optimum methods of achievement these goals. The most important of them are:
        free of charge way of conducting the lessons;
        absence of formal educational programs
(in the process of life-game-co-authorship the live, non-fixed, individual-collective "program" appears);
        principle of equal in rights co-authorship of children and adults;
        non-following the authorities;
        people conducting the lessons must be out of any religious, criminal and political structures.

For the last 8 years we've worked out and partially realized
several main directions:

        Contents: Development of the system of values on the base of mutual understanding, friendliness, creative approach to life. Upbringing of the respectful attitude to all countries and people, their way of life, their culture and religion. Self-knowledge, self-realization, harmonious interaction of man and nature.
        Contents: Help to the children's homes and orphanages, to the poor and the homeless.

        Contents: Common to all mankind values. Acquaintance with the classics of the world and native literature, cinema, art. Creation of literary series "Connection of times. Fairy tales of a new millenium" and dramatic studio for children. Development of literal and dramatic skills and speech. Staging of plays and producing of films. Acquaintance with the bases of publishing business, cinema, video tape editing. Organization of exhibitions, festivals, concerts.

        Contents: Acquaintance with the achievements of the world and native culture. Composition, painting, drawings.
        Projection and creation of matchstick models of architecture monuments, presents, souvenirs, original author's projects.
        Creation of volume compositions, adornments and souvenirs from beads. Mastering of new methods of beads weaving with the use of modern materials, precious and semiprecious jewels.

        Contents: Development of skills of creative thinking, imagination, plastic movements, control over one's own body, precise coordination of movements, mastering the bases of folk, classical and modern dance. Art of improvisation. Creation of dancing composition and performances.

        Contents: Acquaintance with the elements of computer literacy, computer graphics, video tape editing, breadboarding, bases of programming, web-design. Internet as the way of self-knowledge and world cognition.

        - lessons on each of the above-mentioned directions (throughout a year)
        - 15 children's festivals
        - 12 concerts (including those in the children's homes and orphanages)
        - 10 performances staged by children, teenagers and adults (video-films were made on 7 performances out of 10)
        - about 20 children's seminars held outdoors
        - participation in the international, national, regional and district exhibitions and competitions where our works were marked with diplomas, certificates and valuable rewards
        - creation and publishing of 14 books from the series "Connection of times. Fairy tales of a new millenium" written by children and teenagers; help in edition of author's books
        - created a few dozen feature, documentary,feature-documentary video-films, performance-films, concert-films, lecture-films, clips, news
        - creation of the unique collection of works of art that is of great artistic, cultural and commercial interest

        - creation of Internet site (in Russian and partially in English) that is the result of co-authorship and realization by teenagers their inner feeling of life, the attempt of describing their perception and understanding of the world with the help of every available creative means: through dancing, applied art, drawings, song, thought, poems, computer graphics, web-design, film creation. All directions of the work of Children's Very Public Corporation with teaching and developing programs are represented on our site.
One of the largest section of our site is dedicated to the main world religions, the ways of spiritual development.

        There is CD-version of the site.

        More than 500 children and teenagers at the age from 5 to 18 took part in the work. The majority of them are from poor, socially-deprived families.
We helped those who needed it in acquiring of necessary materials for the work in the workshops.

        The work of Children's Very Public Corporation as well as the work of its separate directions was covered in the national, regional and local mass media (TV, radio, the press).


        Further development of the activities on the all above-mentioned directions, mastering of new directions

        1. Creation and realization of a new system of education and upbringing on the base of the values that are common to all mankind and all-round, co-authorship development of a man.

        2. Development of literary-dramatic direction. Keeping publishing of the literary series: "Connection of times. Fairy tales of a new millenium". Edition of "The selected works" from 12 previous editions of the series. Publication of the collected fairy tales and legends written by children, staging of plays, creation of films, TV programs that can contribute to the development of the common to all mankind values, creative attitude to life, literary abilities.

        3. Holding of the seminars outdoors.

        4. Education through Internet, realization of teaching and developing programs. Creation and support of some Internet sites for the communication with children and adults of different countries.
Program of psychological help for children in Internet.

        5. Development of computer literacy of children and teenagers. Mastering, education and work in the field of computer graphics, computer tape editing, web-design, programming.

        6. Creation of regular and mobile children's and adult exhibitions of works of art (painting, drawings, computer graphics, matchstick architecture and beads sculpture, alternative forms of art).

        7. Holding of children's charity exhibitions, concerts, performances.

        8. Development of abilities and help to the most talented children.

        9. Help in the education and development of socially-deprived and homeless children Cooperation with children's homes and orphanages.

        10. Edition of a newspaper for homeless children with useful information for them: alphabet, basic general educational ideas, addresses where they can turn to for help, free of charge food, clothes…

        11. Creation and work of the regular office-center of "Children's Very Public Corporation" as the way of more full and open contact with people, conducting the lessons, seminars, meetings in the city as well as in the countryside.

If any of these good deeds touch your heart, we will welcome any help and cooperation.

    There is an official site of "Children's Very Public Corporation" -, where you can see some results of our work.

The most significant exhibitions, forms, and festivals conducted in the phrame of New System of Education 
 of “Children’s Very Public Corporation” or the ones in which they took a considerable role:

1995-2015 – exhibitions and festivals of Children’s Joint-Stock Company.

“REGIONAL CONTEST OF GRAPHIC AND APPLIED ARTS” Kharkov, regional Palace of Children’s and Youngsters’ Creativity, April 1997

Exhibition “MASTERPIECES OF THE PASSING MILLENIUM” Kharkiv, House of the Architect, “Harmony” creative union, 11-14.01.2001

Exhibition “WE AND OUR CHILDREN” together with “Harmony” creative union, Kharkiv art museum, April-May 2001

Exhibition “THE WORLD WITHOUT DARK COLOURS” Kharkov, Municipal Gallery, May 2001

Exhibition “NEW ART OF AN INDEPENDENT STATE” dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine and Day of the City. 29 August – 10 September 2001

Exhibition “GOLDEN COLLECTION OF TEMPLES”, dedicated to opening and consecration of the Temple of St Serhiy of the Christ Birth, Kharkov, the Temple of St Serhiy of Christ Birth, November 11th, 2001

Exhibition at a Christmas Tree party for poor and talented children. Together with “AWNE” (Association of Women of a New Era), Teacher Palace, January 2002

“YOUNGSTERS FOR THE YOUNG” – an exhibition of public youth organizations of Kharkiv region, Kharkov, Charity Fund “Public Initiatives”, Hovorov Military University, March 2002.

The Second International Exhibition of Children’s Art “WE ARE LOOKING FOR FRIENDS”, Kharkov, City Palace of Children’s and Youngsters’ Creativity, April 2002

Exhibition “THE WORLD WITHOUT DARK COLOURS” Kharkov, Municipal Gallery, May 2002


National Exhibition “Mercy-2002”, Kiev, National Expo Centre, 28 November – 1 December 2002

Exhibition “Connection of Times”, Kiev (Kreshchatik 48), which were held by the National Expocentre of Ukraine and International Charity Fund “Spiritual Heritage”, 4 January-5 February 2003. 

Exhibition of projects of non-governmental organizations of Kharkov and the region “PUBLIC INITIATIVES of KHARKOV REGION 2003”, Kharkov, Hovorov Military University, 6 December 2003.

Exhibition of children’s and youngsters’ creative works of Kominternovsky neighbourhood of Kharkiv, Culture Centre “Metalist”, 11 March 2004

Exhibition “EASTER MOTIFS”. Arts School of Kominsternovsky neighbourhood of Kharkov, 10 April 2004.

²V City contest of folklore “Kharkov is 350 years old!” Culture Centre “KhEMP”, 20 April 2004.

VI International festival “BOOK WORLD - 2004”, Kharkov academic theatre of opera and ballet in the name of Lysenko, 22-24 April 2004.

The First International Children’s Movie Festival “Magic of the Cinema - 2004”, Kharkov, City Palace of Children’s and Youngsters’ Creativity, 2004

Youth Forum “Youth of XXI Century” Kharkov regional institute of the National Academy of state administration under the President of Ukraine, 15-16 April 2004.

UN All-Ukraine youth summit 2004 “MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS” Kiev, 9-11 July 2004, Educational Committee (O.Dyachenko) and a media committee (Y. Kalashnikova)

Exhibition “Connection of Times” dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Kharkov. VIP Hall of Service Centre of the Railroad station “Kharkov-Pasazhirsky”, 21-24 August 2004.

The Seventh International festival “BOOK WORLD - 2005”, Kharkov academic theatre of opera and ballet in the name of Lysenko, 23-25 April 2005

Exhibition “50 Years From the Victorious Day” dedicated to the Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Kharkov, Artyoma Park, 9 May 2005

VIII International festival “BOOK WORLD - 2006”, Kharkov academic theatre of opera and ballet in the name of Lysenko, 26-28 April 2006

VI interregional specialized fair exhibition “BOOK PARLOUR - 2006”, Kherson, 27-29 September 2006

Kiev international movie festival “YOUTH-36”, 21-29 October 2006

II International humanitarian forum “Renaissance, renewal and development of the human being”, Artek, International Charity Fund “Ukraine 3000”, International Children’s Centre “ARTEK”, 14.03.2007 and 23-29.04.2007

IX International book festival “BOOK WORLD - 2007”, Kharkov academic theatre of opera and ballet in the name of Lysenko, 26-28 April 2007

An Evening “CHILDREN’S JOINT-STOCK COMPANY, Kharkov”, Kiev, Informational Centre of Creators of Ancestral Estates, 08.06.2007

“YOUNG CINEMA OF UKRAINE. Movie of Olga and Yulia Kalashnikova “We are the sun’s children, sparks of flame”, Kiev, Cinema Palace, 22 June 2007

14 FORUM OF PUBLISHERS IN LVOV, 13-16 September 2007 

“KHORTITSA OUTLETS”, Zaporozhie, October 2007

Kiev International movie festival “YOUTH-37”, 20-28 October 2007

Movie Festival “SAINT ANNA”, Moscow, January-March, 2008

“AUTHOR’S WORKS, FABRICS, BEADS, ACCESSORIES” Kiev, International Exhibition Centre (on the Left Bank), February 2008

³n³an Fash³on Week, 2008 Kiev, March 2008

Exhibition “GOLDEN COLLECTION OF TEMPLES”, Kharkov, Temple of St Dmitry, 7 March 2008.

"The European
²ndependent F³lm Fest³val 2008" Paris, 16-24 March 2008.

The First annual international educational forum “ARTEK DIALOGUES”, Artek, International Charity Fund “Ukraine 3000”, International Children’s Fund “ARTEK”, 17-22.09.2008

ÌAJORS" – design and creation of jewellery for the most expensive in Ukrainian history fashion collection by K. Ponomaryov. Exhibition “CONNECTION OF TIMES” at the premier show. RADMIR Expohall. Kharkov, 27 September 2008

²V DELUXE FEST²VAL - the best Ukrainian jewellery" Kharkov, RADMIR Expohall, 16-19 October 2008

"The fourth international exhibition of décor and gifts. Finals of II International contest “MAGIC BEADS”, Kiev, International exhibition Centre (on the Left Bank), 3-6 February 2009

National youth forum “NEWEST INTELLECT OF UKRAINE”, Kiev, 10-11 April 2009

“Exhibition of youth organizations”, Kharkov, April 2009

“LIGHT OF CHRISTMAS. Exhibition and contest of bead craft masters “GOLDEN HANDS OF MASTERS” Kiev, 3-5 September 2009, Kievexpoplaza

“Presents to Christmas”. International contest of bead craft masters. “CHRISTMAS PRESENT- 2009. Bead floristics.” Kiev, 9-12 December 2009, Kievexpoplaza.

50 International Krakow Movie Festival (Poland), Krakow, May-June 2010.


International Movie Festival in Sevastopol “SEA”, September 2010

Kiev International Movie Festival “YOUTH-40”, 23-31 October 2010

“YOUNG CINEMA OF UKRAINE. Film of Olga and Yulia Kalashnikova. “Novel about the sea”, Kiev, Cinema Palace, 23 February 2011

International Contest “Manifold World of Animals. Inspiration through Images.” The USA, Los-Angeles, December 2010-May 2011.


IBA Perlen Poezie. Urkunde 2011, 2012, 2013 – open international contest for bead craft masters, conducted by a specialized German journal.

Forum of the leading masters of TV production and design in Los-Angeles, June 2012

Social Project “YOUR COUNTRY”, 2010-2012, TV Channel 1+1, Kiev

INTERNET SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2013 – 2015, the USA, New York.

X International Charity Movie Festival “LIGHTBRINGING ANGEL” 2013, Odessa.

«EL MON DELS VIATGES» - 2013, Barcelona, Spain.

EdCamp Ukraine 2015 – the first national (non)conference for school teachers, Kharkov, 23-24 June, 2015

Other Achievements: recommended as nominees for the National Prize of Ukraine in the name of T.H. Shevchenko for 2009.

A grant from President of Ukraine for talented youth for 2006-2007 for publication of the book “Connectrion of Times. Fairy-Tales of the New Millenium. Selected.” The print-run was given to orphanages and libraries of Ukraine. Receiver of the grant was Dyachenko Oksana Viktorovna.

A grant from President of Ukraine for talented youth for 2005-2006 to create a Ukrainian version of the site “NEW SYSTEM OF EDUCATION”. Receiver of the grant was Kalashnikova Olga Hrihorievna.



Diploma of a honorary member of the International charity fund “Spiritual Legacy” “FOR A CONSIDERABLE CONTRIBUTION INTO THE DEVELOPMENT OF UKRAINIAN CULTURE”.



Acknowledgement, a medal and diplomas of VII and IX International festivals “BOOK WORLD”. Diploma of the winner of the contest “Book is a pearl of spirituality”. Of the Sixth interregional exhibition and fair “BOOK PARLOUR 2006”

The first, the second and the third places and an audience award in the nominations “Fiction Film”, “Documentary”, “Music clip” at open All-Ukrainian contests of amateur video films “Motion Pictures 2004, 2005, 2006” conducted by “dFOTO” journal together with Pinnacle company.


Laureates and winners:  IBA Perlen Poezie. Urkunde 2011, 2012, 2013, INTERNET SHORT FILMS FESTIVAL 2013 – 2015, X International Charity Movie Festival “Lightbringing Angel” 2013, «EL MON DELS VIATGES» 2013.

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